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Sleep Therapy

Sleep Well. Be Well. Do Well.

Decades of clinical research show that specific cool temperatures, when applied to the forehead, can slow the racing thoughts that often keep us awake. Ebb® CoolDrift™ empowers you to take back control of your sleep with a drug-free, clinically-validated continuous cooling solution.

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  • bedside table with Ebb Sleep

    Ebb Sleep Cool/Drift Luxe

    By: EBB Theraputics.Inc|Part #: EBB-900-00007

    • Take back your dreams with Ebb, the first and only wearable sleep technology that's clinically-validated to help you fall asleep faster and get deeper, more restorative sleep.
    • Ebb's...
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  • Ebb Sleep Replacement kit

    Ebb Sleep Replacement Kit

    By: EBB Theraputics.Inc|Part #: EBB-10200

    • Save money by ordering our two, most popular replenishment items together.  About a 14% Savings.
    • Includes (1)Ebb Fluid Cartridge (EBB-10301) and (1) Ebb ComfortBand (EB-10300).
    • The...
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  • Ebb Sleep Comfort Band Cushion

    Ebb Sleep ComfortBand

    By: EBB Theraputics.Inc|Part #: EBB-10300

    • The scientifically-engineered ComfortBand softly wraps around the head to deliver continuous and precise cooling at the ideal temperature known to both calm the mind and body and produce healthier...
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  • Ebb Sleep Fluid Cartridge

    Ebb Sleep Fluid Cartridge

    By: EBB Theraputics.Inc|Part #: EBB-10301

    • Our leak-locked cartridge contains a proprietary fluid mix, with no harsh chemicals or preservatives present.
    • Replace approximately every 2-4 months when the fluid is depleted.
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  • Ebb Sleep Travel Bag

    Ebb Sleep Travel Bag

    By: EBB Theraputics.Inc|Part #: EBB-10500

    • Our modern-looking bag insulates your Ebb, keeping it protected while you're on the go.
    • Separate compartments for BedsideController, ComfortBand, Fluid Cartridge, and Power Supply.
    • Padded...
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