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Image of a Facebook cover featuring OxyGo and woman gardening with POC on.

Say Goodbye to Oxygen Tanks and Hello to OxyGo®

The OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator is the perfect companion whether you're at home or on the go. These portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry. They work by making medical grade oxygen from the air around you to support you in every breath. Instead of worrying about carrying around a heavy oxygen tank or running out of oxygen, the OxyGo easily accompanies you on your day to day adventures.

  • Portable, lightweight, rechargeable
  • Many options and accessories available
  • No burden of heavy tanks, cords or long tubing
  • Promotes wellness and restores your quality of life
  • Gives you the freedom to engage in activities and hobbies with fewer restrictions

Call now and let our dedicated team help you get the equipment and care you need: 1-866-335-2955. You can also find more information on the OxyGo POCs by clicking the button below.

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