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6 foot Gray Smoothbore CPAP Tubing

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6-foot Gray Smoothbore CPAP Tubing with 22mm cuffs. The smoothbore design reduces noise and ensures consistent airflow. Affordable and reliable.

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Our 6 foot Gray Smoothbore CPAP Tubing is the perfect companion for your sleep therapy needs. Explore this carefully crafted tubing that combines comfort, resilience, and adaptability, offering you the solution for a better and more restful night's sleep. Discover the attributes and advantages that set this tubing apart as a revolutionary choice for CPAP users.

Key Features of Our CPAP Tubing

This tubing stands out with its smoothbore design, reducing airflow resistance and ensuring that your CPAP therapy operates at peak efficiency. With a generous 6-foot length, you'll enjoy the freedom to move comfortably during sleep without feeling constrained. Constructed from top-tier materials, this tubing is engineered for longevity, ensuring dependable and steadfast performance.

Benefits of Choosing Our CPAP Tubing:

Experience the difference with this tubing. Reduced airflow resistance improves the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy, making breathing during sleep easier and more comfortable. Rely on its affordability and enduring quality for consistent and trustworthy performance. Enjoy its broad compatibility with various CPAP equipment.


With its smoothbore design, it reduces airflow resistance and ensures that your CPAP therapy operates at peak efficiency.

This tubing has broad compatability with a variety of CPAP equipment.