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Absolutely. Formulated to be non-allergenic and free from harsh chemicals like SLS and alcohol, it's ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. ™

Yes, it is non-allergenic, free from SLS and alcohol. ™

Yes, Liviliti CPAP Soap is safe and effective for cleaning a wide range of CPAP masks, accessories, and equipment. Avoid use on N20 and F20 Memory Foam Masks and follow manufacturer's cleaning guidelines for specific equipment. ™

Liviliti CPAP Soap follows FDA-approved processes outlined by the manufacturer for daily recommended cleaning. ™

Formulated with gentle, environmentally friendly ingredients, Liviliti CPAP Soap is effective in cleaning without harm to users or the environment. Free from SLS and alcohol, it prioritizes safety and sustainability. ™

Regular use of Liviliti CPAP Soap maintains CPAP equipment cleanliness, preventing bacteria buildup, promoting a healthier breathing environment, and enhancing CPAP therapy effectiveness. ™

Yes, Liviliti CPAP Soap is FSA and HSA-approved, offering a convenient option for card use. ™

The CPAP equipment that can™t be washed with CPAP soap are the N20 and F20 Memory Foam Masks Only. N20 and F20 Standard masks may use the soap packet. Always check manufacturers' cleaning instructions before using.