Transcend Micro™ Essential Bundle
Transcend Micro Essential Bundle
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Transcend Micro™ Essential Bundle

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The Transcend Micro™ Essential Bundle includes the world's smallest CPAP, the Micro Essentials Pack for maintenance, and a durable carrying case. It offers quiet, effective therapy with automatic adjustments and waterless humidification.

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Experience unparalleled freedom in sleep therapy with the Transcend Micro™ Essential Bundle, designed for active lifestyles. This bundle includes the Transcend Micro Auto CPAP, the Micro Essentials Pack, and a durable carrying case. As the world's smallest and lightest CPAP machine, it ensures you receive top-quality therapy no matter where life takes you.

Travel Light

The Transcend Micro is the epitome of convenience, weighing less than half a pound and measuring under 4 inches wide. Its compact size ensures easy travel without compromising therapy. Automatic pressure adjustments, ramp technology, and pressure relief features guarantee a personalized and comfortable experience wherever you roam. Sleep soundly and travel light with this ultra-portable CPAP.

Efficient and Quiet Operation

Despite its small size, the Transcend Micro™ delivers quiet and effective therapy at just 27 decibels. Its whisper-quiet operation promotes undisturbed sleep for you and your bed partner. Compatible with most CPAP masks, it includes a muffler for even quieter performance. The MySleepDash app allows remote tracking and adjustment, enhancing your sleep therapy experience.

Everything you need in 1 bundle

The Essentials Pack includes a muffler kit, hose holders, HME pack, plug adapters, air filters, and a travel pouch for hassle-free maintenance. The muffler kit allows for an even more quiet operation. The HME pack allows you to have waterless humidification. The sturdy Transcend Micro Case offers protection and organization, fitting easily into your luggage for seamless travel.


To purchase the Transcend Micro™, ensure your prescription includes the following:  Physician's contact info, Physician's signature (with date), Patient's full name and DOB, Prescription date within 365 days, Type of machine (CPAP), NPI number and Pressure settings

The drying function is designed to eliminate surplus moisture from your mask and tubing. By running the 30-minute drying cycle in the morning, you guarantee that your mask and tubing are thoroughly dried and prepared for nighttime use.

No, the Transcend Micro™ employs a distinctive locking mechanism on the tubing to connect to the machine, unlike standard tubing. You'll need to utilize the hose that comes with this bundle.

The equipment includes an AC (wall) power adapter for everyday usage. Moreover, there's the Transcend PowerAway™ P8 portable battery, ideal for camping, flights, or when you're in remote areas. This battery can also function as a backup during power interruptions.