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  • Don't Lose Sleep When You Lose Power: Use a PORTABLE OUTLET!

    BE PREPARED! This powerful rechargeable battery works with all brands & models of CPAP/BiPAP without additional adapters or connectors. Can also be used with Portable Oxygen Concentrators - and even includes USB ports for your phone or tablet!

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  • Rest Easy with PURIFY O3 Portable Ozone CPAP Sanitizer!

    Customers prefer Purify O3 - a safe and effective way to clean your CPAP/BiPAP equipment, killing 99.99% of germs and bacteria. Purify O3 generates ozone which permeates the tubing to sanitize the small, difficult-to-reach ridges effectively.

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  • Free Shipping on Orders Over $35

    Are YOU a SHOPR? Get free shipping on all orders over $35! • Convenient Shopping • Secure Checkout • Always Discreet Shipping

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  • Cleaning Your CPAP is a Snap with SoClean!

    Kill germs in minutes with the SoClean automated CPAP equipment cleaner & sanitizer. Now only $348! CALL 888-671-4881 TODAY and use the offer code RotechSoClean.

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  • OxyGo is Ready to Go When YOU Are!

    Whether you're out on the town or home with your family - the OxyGo Portable Oxygen Concentrator helps keep you active. CALL 866-335-2955 NOW TO LEARN MORE!

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Home Medical Equipment

Our Rotech locations can also help you buy or rent the Home Medical Equipment you need. If you are looking for Oxygen Equipment, Sleep Apnea Equipment, Durable Medical Equipment, or mobility products our locations can help. Here is a list of prescription items that our locations carry or can order:

  • Home Oxygen Concentrators
  • Portable Oxygen Systems
  • Sleep Therapy Equipment including CPAP, BIPAP, and RAD w/backup
  • Non-Invasive and Invasive Ventilators
  • Airway Clearance Therapy with AffloVest
  • Hospital Homecare Beds & Accessories
  • Wheelchairs & Accessories
  • Rollators
  • Commodes

If you need any of these products, please contact your Rotech branch.

Find a Location Near You

Negative Pressure Wound Therapy Supplies

For Negative Pressure Wound Therapy, please click 'View Available Supplies' for more information.

View Available Supplies