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Bleep Halo Patches for Eclipse 32 Patches

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Bleep Halo Patches: Comfortable, secure, and hypoallergenic sleep apnea solution with Magnetic Port Technology.

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Game-changer in sleep apnea treatment.Minimal frame, adhesive patches eliminate headgear.Leak-free, comfortable design for uninterrupted sleep.Future of sleep apnea care, no more discomfort.Rediscover the joy of sleep for improved well-being.Restful nightsExperience the future of sleep apnea care with Bleep Haloï½ Patches, bidding farewell to discomfort and leaks for truly restful nights. The innovative design not only enhances sleep quality but also contributes to improved overall well-being.Sleep soundlySay goodbye to traditional constraints and rediscover the joy of sleep, taking a transformative step towards a healthier and revitalized you with the game-changing Bleep Haloï½ Patches for Eclipse. Sleep soundly, free from discomfort and leaks, and embrace the innovative solution that prioritizes your well-being.


Yes, hypoallergenic Halo adhesive strips are gentle on the skin using high-quality materials that prioritize skin health and comfort. ™

The Halos are adhesive patches applied below the nostrils and are sealed, preventing leaks during sleep apnea treatment. ™

Yes, Eclipse's minimal frame design suits individuals with facial hair. ™

We recommend replacing Halo™ patches nightly for optimal performance and hygiene, ensuring a secure and comfortable fit each night. ™

Halos' special feature of Magnetic Port Technology allows for effortless attachment and detachment. Just align the Halos with the ports and let the magnets click into place. ™

Absolutely! Bleep Halos are an excellent solution, eliminating discomfort and potential leaks associated with nasal pillows. ™

Yes! Eclipse's minimal frame design and adhesiveness allow freedom of movement, ensuring comfortable sleep in any position. ™

Yes, small Mag Seal ports on Halo adhesive strips are recyclable after tape removal, making them environmentally friendly and convenient to dispose of.