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Breas Heat Moisture Exchanger for Z2 & Z1

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The Breas Heat Moisture Exchanger adds humidity to your airflow without needing water. Ideal for travel, it helps maintain effective therapy and can be easily replaced when needed.

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Experience a new level of comfort during your CPAP therapy with the Breas Heat Moisture Exchanger for Z2 & Z1 devices. This compact and innovative accessory enhances your sleep apnea treatment by effectively controlling moisture, ensuring you wake up energized and well-rested. It connects easily between your mask and the machine hose.

Efficient Moisture Control

Say goodbye to uncomfortable dryness or excess moisture in your CPAP air with this heat moisture exchanger. Its advanced technology captures and retains moisture from your exhaled breath, then releases it back into the inhaled air. This means you can enjoy a more natural and comfortable breathing experience, reducing common side effects like dry throat or nasal congestion.

Easy Compatibility and Maintenance

The Breas Heat Moisture Exchanger is designed for Z2 & Z1 CPAP devices, ensuring seamless integration into your therapy routine. Its user-friendly design makes installation and maintenance a breeze, allowing you to focus on what matters most— a good night's sleep. Improve your CPAP therapy with the Breas Heat Moisture Exchanger and experience a more comfortable, restful night's sleep.


Yes, it works with both devices.

Yes, it will work with any machine and mask, however, it is not recommended for the masks with a tube on top of the head.

It is reusable for up to 7 days, or earlier if it becomes hard to inhale or exhale.