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CPAP Tubing - 8ft Gray Smoothbore Tubing

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Experience seamless therapy with our 8ft Gray Smoothbore CPAP Tubing. Its lightweight design ensures hassle-free use, promoting optimal sleep apnea treatment. Perfect low cost tubing option.

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Experience enhanced comfort and performance with our 8ft Gray Smoothbore CPAP Tubing. It has a 15 mm internal diameter and 22mm cuffs. Engineered for flexibility and smooth airflow, it reduces resistance and noise during therapy, ensuring uninterrupted sleep without disruptions.

Durable and Universal Compatibility

Built to last, our 8ft Gray Smoothbore Tubing ensures longevity and reliability for your CPAP therapy. Compatible with a wide range of CPAP machines and masks, it offers seamless integration for both standard and heated hose setups, providing consistent airflow for optimal treatment.

Convenient Length

With its generous 8-foot length, our tubing provides flexibility in placing your CPAP machine at your bedside. Enjoy the freedom to position your equipment comfortably for your convenience without feeling restricted, enhancing your overall therapy experience.


The 8ft Gray Smoothbore Tubing from Sunset Healthcare Solutions is universally compatible with all machines that will fit the 22mm cuffs.

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