Gray Air Tubing, 3 Meters (9ft, 9in)


Gray Air Tubing, 3 Meters (9ft, 9in)

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Gray Air Tubing, 3 Meters (9ft, 9in) is a reliable CPAP hose designed for flexibility and durability. With its extra-long 3-meter length, it offers more freedom of movement during sleep, making it ideal for active sleepers.

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The Gray Air Tubing, 3 meters (9ft, 9in) long with 22mm cuffs, is designed for durability and flexibility, providing an effective solution for CPAP therapy. Its longer length offers greater freedom of movement, allowing you to sleep comfortably without restriction. Compatibility with most CPAP machines ensures a seamless connection, while the robust construction guarantees longevity.

Enhanced Comfort and Compatibility:

With its 3-meter length, this air tubing allows for versatile sleeping positions, making it ideal for those who move frequently during the night. The soft material provides comfort, reducing the risk of irritation. The tubing is compatible with a variety of CPAP masks and machines, offering a hassle-free setup for effective therapy, all at an affordable price.

Smooth Airflow and Easy Maintenance:

The Gray Air Tubing is designed to maintain consistent airflow, ensuring effective CPAP therapy throughout the night. The smooth interior reduces turbulence, promoting quieter operation and minimizing air leaks. It's also easy to clean and maintain, helping to keep your CPAP equipment in top condition with minimal effort.