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React Luna G3 Heated Tubing

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Enhance your CPAP experience with the Luna G3 Heated Tubing. Designed for Luna G3 CPAP and BiPAP Machines, the 6 foot tubing offers advanced humidity control and minimizes unwanted condensation, ensuring comfortable therapy.

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Introducing the React Luna G3 Heated Tubing, your solution to a cozy and comfortable night's sleep. With advanced technology and effortless maintenance, this tubing ensures constant warmth and humidity control, enhancing your CPAP therapy comfort. Its durable, flexible design ensure easy handling. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to uninterrupted, restful nights with React Luna G3 Heated Tubing.

Automatic adjustment

Equipped with integrated sensors, the Luna G3 heating tubing automatically adjusts temperature and humidity levels in real-time to match your needs. So you can enjoy a continuous stream of warm, humidified air, eliminating the unpleasantness of cold and dry air during CPAP therapy sessions. Experience uninterrupted comfort, whether it's battling winter dryness or seasonal allergies.

Easy to Use and Maintain

Simplify your life with React Luna G3 Heated Tubing. Its user-friendly design and easy-to-clean materials make setup and maintenance a breeze, ensuring more time for restful slumber and less hassle with traditional CPAP tubing. It should be wash regularly with mild, non-toxic soap and water, and should be completely dry before reusing. It is recommended to replace the tube once every 6 months.

Enhances CPAP therapy comfort

Experience enhanced comfort and effectiveness in your CPAP therapy with React Luna G3 Heated Tubing. Its durable, flexible design ensures easy handling, while advanced technology provides constant warmth and humidity control for a soothing sleep apnea therapy experience.


Compatibility with CPAP machines from other manufacturers is not guaranteed. The Luna G3 Heated Tubing is specifically engineered with Luna G3 Series CPAP and BiPAP Machines.

Yes, the Luna G3 Heated Tubing maintains moisture in the air delivered by your CPAP machine, reducing the dryness in the nose and throat during CPAP therapy.

The Luna G3 Heated Tubing is crafted to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the tube length, preventing condensation.

Yes, the Luna G3 Heated Tubing is free from natural rubber latex, ensuring it is safe for individuals with latex allergies.

To ensure optimal hygiene and performance, replace the Luna G3 Heated Tubing every six months.

The Luna G3 Heated Tubing is designed for easy cleaning. It should be regularly washed with mild, non-toxic soap and water and thoroughly rinsed. Allow to dry completely before reattachment. Dishwasher cleaning is not recommended. ™