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ResMed AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask with Headgear

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Experience unrivaled comfort and effective therapy with the ResMed AirFit™ F10 Full Face Mask. Enjoy a restful night's sleep with its lightweight design and secure fit. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to peaceful sleep!

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The ResMed AirFit™ F10 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear offers unparalleled comfort, performance, and convenience for individuals with sleep apnea. Its innovative design provides a secure seal, minimal facial contact, and quiet operation, ensuring a restful night's sleep. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to effective therapy with the AirFit™ F10. Choose between 3 different cushion sizes for a personalized fit.

Secure Seal and Minimal Contact

The AirFit™ F10 mask features a dual-wall Spring Air™ cushion that adapts to your facial contours, providing a secure seal throughout the night. Its innovative design and the SoftEdge headgear features slimmed-down straps which minimizes contact with your face, reducing the risk of skin irritation and discomfort. Say goodbye to mask leaks and hello to uninterrupted sleep therapy.

Quiet Operation and Easy Maintenance

Equipped with Advanced QuietAir™ diffuser technology, the AirFit™ F10 operates quietly, ensuring a peaceful sleeping environment for you and your partner. Additionally, the mask's streamlined design makes it easy to clean and maintain, allowing for hassle-free therapy. Enjoy effective treatment without the noise and hassle. Its minimalist 4-piece design makes assembly, fitting, and cleaning a snap.


Utilize the to-scale Sizing Guide, print it, follow the instructions, and discover your ideal match.

No, only the Air Fit™ N20, Air Fit™ F20, Air Touch™ F20, Air Fit™ F30, and Air Fit™ P10 with their respective setup packs are compatible with the Air Mini™.

Yes, you can purchase the Air Fit™ F10 for her version HERE.

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