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SleepRes V-COM™ for CPAP

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Experience smoother, quieter CPAP therapy with the SleepRes V-COM™. This innovative device reduces noise and pressure spikes, enhancing comfort during your sleep therapy. It attaches easily between your mask and CPAP machine.

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Experience a new level of comfort with SleepRes V-COM™ for CPAP, a cutting-edge flow attenuator designed to optimize your CPAP therapy. This innovative device sits between your CPAP machine and mask, smoothing out peak inspiratory flow for a more comfortable therapy experience. With V-COM™, you can breathe easier and reduce the risk of side effects while still benefiting from effective therapy.

Reduce Peak Inspiratory Flow

The unique design of V-COM™ helps reduce the overwhelming sensation often felt by CPAP users during high peak inspiratory flow. By softening this pressure, V-COM™ provides a gentler therapy experience without compromising effectiveness. The placement is simple, with the male end connecting to the 22 mm tube from your CPAP machine and the female end to your mask or mask tubing.

Increase Therapy Acceptance and Adherence

V-COM™ can help new CPAP users adjust to therapy more easily. Its comfortable design makes it easier for patients to embrace CPAP therapy, reducing the sensation of pressure and unintentional leaks. This flow attenuator doesn't interfere with auto-titrating algorithms, ensuring consistent therapy for auto-PAP users.

Easy to Clean and Reusable

Maintaining V-COM™ is straightforward; clean it with soap, water, and a small brush to keep it in top condition. The device is reusable, providing long-term value and reducing the need for frequent replacements. This simple cleaning process allows you to use V-COM™ with confidence, ensuring a smooth and reliable therapy experience.


While the V-Com itself doesn't require a prescription, PAP devices and masks do. Consult your physician before use.

It's at your discretion. Once you can tolerate PAP therapy peak flows and pressures, you can remove V-Com. Reinstall if needed.

Contact your initial supplier for information on purchasing a replacement device.

Typically not covered, as it's considered a comfort accessory. Check with your insurance company for specific coverage details.

No, it's a single-use device and should only be used by one patient.

No, turn off your PAP device before replacing V-Com to avoid affecting algorithms and respiratory event detection.

Always consult your physician. Note that V-Com may impact inspiratory PAP more than expiratory PAP.

Replace every three months or sooner if damaged or impeding airflow.