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Breast Pumps & Supplies

Whether you’re supplementing, stockpiling, or exclusively pumping, a reliable pump can be your “breast” friend when it comes to feeding your baby.  

SHOPRotech carries a selection of Ameda electric breast pumps and accessories, including storage bags and bottles, flanges, valves, and supplies to make nursing and pumping both convenient and comfortable.


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  • 10002 Ameda.

    Breast Pump Valves - 2 pack

    By: Ameda|Part #: AME-10002

    • Breast Pump Valves
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  • 17155 Ameda.

    Dual Hygiene Kit

    By: Ameda|Part #: AME-17155

    • (1) Tubing adapter, (2) silicone tubing, (2)adapter caps, (2) silicone diaphragms, (2)25.0 mm breast flanges, (4) valves, (2) 4 oz.bottles with lock-tight sealing lids.
    • Sterile,without...
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  • 101X03 Ameda Car Adapter

    Finesse 9V Car Adapter

    By: Finesse|Part #: AME-101X03

    • The Finesse 9V car adapter is a convenient alternative power option.
    • It plugs directly into your vehicle’s power outlet and comes with a 6′ long cord.
    • This car charger...
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  • 17243M Ameda.

    Store'N Pour Refill PACK - 40

    By: Ameda|Part #: AME-17243M

    • Includes (40) Storage Bags.
    • Without BPA or DEHP.
    • freezer-safe.
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