Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads - Front View
Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply
Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply
Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply
Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply


Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply

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Keep your CPAP equipment clean and fresh with the Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply. Removes dirt, oils, and residue, ensuring hygiene and equipment longevity. Does not include SLS or Alcohol.

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Ensure your CPAP equipment stays clean and functional with Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads Resupply, a complete solution for maintaining your CPAP devices. These packages provide gentle but effective cleaning, enhancing respiratory health while prolonging the life of your equipment. With a non-allergenic formula and a variety of resupply options, Liviliti offers a straightforward way to keep your CPAP setup in optimal condition.

Gentle and Effective Cleaning

The soap packets provide a gentle yet thorough cleaning solution designed to remove bacteria and odors without harsh chemicals. This makes them ideal for users with sensitive skin, ensuring a non-irritating experience. The Liviliti CPAP soap is SLS and alcohol-free, ensuring your respiratory therapy devices and accessories remain safe and in peak condition. The bubble pads are designed for a quick and easy clean.

Non-Allergenic and Skin-Friendly

Liviliti CPAP Soap and Bubble Pads are non-allergenic, perfect for those with sensitive skin. The formula is crafted in the USA and approved by the FDA and FSA/HSA, guaranteeing a product that meets high safety standards. This makes the soap and pads suitable for a wide range of users, ensuring that cleaning your CPAP equipment is safe and reliable.


Absolutely. Formulated to be non-allergenic and free from harsh chemicals like SLS and alcohol, it's ideal for individuals with sensitive skin. ™

Yes, it is non-allergenic, free from SLS and alcohol. ™

Yes, Liviliti CPAP Soap is safe and effective for cleaning a wide range of CPAP masks, accessories, and equipment. Avoid use on N20 and F20 Memory Foam Masks and follow manufacturer's cleaning guidelines for specific equipment. ™

Liviliti CPAP Soap follows FDA-approved processes outlined by the manufacturer for daily recommended cleaning. ™

Formulated with gentle, environmentally friendly ingredients, Liviliti CPAP Soap is effective in cleaning without harm to users or the environment. Free from SLS and alcohol, it prioritizes safety and sustainability. ™

Regular use of Liviliti CPAP Soap maintains CPAP equipment cleanliness, preventing bacteria buildup, promoting a healthier breathing environment, and enhancing CPAP therapy effectiveness. ™

Yes, Liviliti CPAP Soap is FSA and HSA-approved, offering a convenient option for card use. ™

The CPAP equipment that can™t be washed with CPAP soap are the N20 and F20 Memory Foam Masks Only. N20 and F20 Standard masks may use the soap packet. Always check manufacturers' cleaning instructions before using.