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DreamWear Frame

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Experience comfort like never before with the DreamWear Frame. Its innovative and lightweight design delivers unmatched freedom, ensuring a restful sleep every night. Compatible with the complete DreamWear Family CPAP Masks.

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Experience a new level of comfort and freedom with the DreamWear Frame. This innovative design reimagines the way you wear your CPAP mask, offering an alternative that feels lighter and less intrusive. Say goodbye to bulky masks that obstruct your view and cause discomfort during sleep therapy. The DreamWear Frame's unique under-the-nose design allows for a secure and comfortable fit, providing you with the freedom to move and sleep in your preferred position. There are 3 different Frame sizes to choose from ensuring you get a personalized fit.

Minimalistic and Lightweight

The DreamWear Frame's minimalistic and lightweight construction is a game-changer for CPAP users seeking a more comfortable and natural sleep experience. The frame comfortably rests under your nose, eliminating the need for a mask that covers your face, making it ideal for those who prefer an unobstructed view. The soft, flexible tubing adapts to your movements, reducing the risk of mask displacement during the night. Enjoy a good night's sleep without the discomfort or distractions of traditional masks.

Compatible with Various Masks

The DreamWear Frame is compatible with a range of DreamWear mask options, allowing you to choose the one that suits your preferences and therapy needs. Whether you opt for a nasal, gel pillow, or full face mask, the frame's versatility ensures you can enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary design while receiving the therapy that's right for you. Prioritize your comfort and sleep quality with the DreamWear Frame and experience a more peaceful and restorative night's sleep.


Yes, it is compatible with all CPAP Machines.