Nuwave CPAP Accessory Sanitizer System Combo Unit - Front View

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NUWAVE CPAP Accessory Sanitizer System - Combo Unit

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The NUWAVE CPAP Accessory Sanitizer System features a spacious sanitizing chamber, enabling CPAP users to sanitize the water chamber and mask in a single automated cycle. Simple to connect, it efficiently contains ozone and effectively eliminates bacteria.

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Complete Germ-Free Protection

The NUWAVE Plus CPAP™ Accessory Sanitizer System ensures thorough germ-free sanitation of your CPAP equipment. This device sanitizes masks, tubing, and water chambers, simplifying your cleaning routine.

Space-Saving Convenience for Home and Travel
The NUWAVE Plus™ features a compact design, making it the perfect space-saving solution for home and travel use. This versatile unit provides convenience wherever you go.