React Luna G3 Autoset BIPAP Machine - Front View
React Luna G3 AutoSet BIPAP Machine
React Luna G3 AutoSet BIPAP Machine

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React Luna G3 AutoSet BIPAP Machine

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Experience unparalleled BIPAP therapy with the React Luna G3 Bilevel 25A Device. Enjoy advanced features like an integrated humidifcation system, dedicated mobile app, touchscreen interface, and quiet operation.

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Achieve unparalleled comfort and restorative sleep with the React Luna G3 AutoSet BIPAP Machine. This cutting-edge device is engineered to adapt to your unique needs, providing personalized therapy that ensures a good night's rest. With advanced AutoSet technology, the Luna G3 continually adjusts pressure levels to match your breathing patterns, optimizing comfort and efficacy. BIPAP therapy makes it easier to exhale back into the device making exhaling feel much more natural.

Whisper-Quiet, User-Friendly Design

The React Luna G3 boasts a whisper-quiet operation, ensuring that you and your partner enjoy uninterrupted slumber. Its user-friendly touchscreen interface simplifies the setup and customization process, allowing you to tailor your therapy to your preferences effortlessly. Additionally, the integrated humidification system ensures a gentle and soothing airflow, preventing dryness and discomfort during your therapy sessions. With Luna G3, you can finally experience the peaceful, rejuvenating sleep you deserve.

Stay Informed and Connected

The Luna G3 BIPAP Machine doesn't just provide unparalleled comfort; it also keeps you informed about your therapy progress. With data connectivity options and a dedicated mobile app, you can easily track your sleep data and treatment efficacy. Take charge of your sleep health and make informed adjustments to your therapy with real-time insights. Upgrade your BIPAP experience with the React Luna G3 AutoSet BIPAP Machine and enjoy the comfort, quiet, and connectivity you need for a restful night's sleep.


Connecting your CPAP machine and your tubing adds an extra layer of sound reduction, diminishing noise and vibration during sleep therapy.

Attach the small tube to your machine's base, then connect the muffler and standard tubing. If you are using a heat moisture exchanger, add it to the muffler, then the standard tubing.

The Breas Q-Lite In-Line CPAP Muffler is an accessory that minimizes your CPAP machine's noise level and vibration.

No, it is a passive device that reduces noise without requiring extra power.

No, it maintains the same air pressure and therapy effectiveness while reducing noise and vibration.

No, using it with water humidification affects pressure flow. For humidification, consider Heat Moisture Exchangers (HMEs).

It is compatible with any CPAP or Bi PAP machine except those using water humidification or a heated tube.