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ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Full Face CPAP Mask with Headgear

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Find comfort in the ResMed AirTouch F20, a full face mask with headgear. Ensuring security and maximum comfort, this product prioritizes the easement of its users.

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Experience unparalleled comfort with ResMed's UltraSoft® Cushion in the AirTouch® F20, designed for supreme comfort and effectiveness. This cushion features lightweight memory foam that adapts to facial features, ensuring breathability and minimizing skin irritation. Compatible with all ResMed CPAP machines and complete with secure headgear, the UltraSoft® Cushion offers a comfortable and hassle-free CPAP therapy experience.

Supreme Comfort with Lightweight Memory Foam:

ResMed's UltraSoft® Cushion in the AirTouch® F20 sets a new standard for comfort with its lightweight memory foam construction.This cushion provides unparalleled comfort and a breathable experience, even under elevated pressures. The lightweight memory foam ensures a soft and gentle feel on the face, promoting a restful night's sleep without discomfort.

Enhanced Adaptability for Maximum Comfort:

Unlike traditional silicone cushions, the UltraSoft® Cushion demonstrates greater adaptability, minimizing pressure points and providing a more natural sensation on the face. The permeable foam construction allows heat and sweat to escape, further reducing skin irritation and ensuring a comfortable CPAP therapy experience.

Universal Compatibility and Secure Design:

The UltraSoft® Cushion works seamlessly with all ResMed CPAP machines, ensuring compatibility and versatility for users. Paired with secure headgear for ease of use, this cushion offers a hassle-free solution for individuals seeking maximum comfort during CPAP therapy. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to a restful night's sleep with ResMed's UltraSoft® Cushion in the AirTouch® F20.


The primary distinction lies in their cushions. AirFit™ F20 employs a silicone cushion, combining softness, durability, and easy cleaning. In contrast, Air Touch™ F20 features an Ultra Soft™ memory foam cushion designed to conform to your facial contours, delivering exceptional comfort during use.

Studies indicate that AirTouch™ mask cushions are hygienic for one month without cleaning, aligning with the recommended replacement schedule.

To purchase the {product name}, ensure your prescription includes the following:  Physician's contact info, Physician's signature (with date), Patient's full name and DOB, Prescription date within 365 days, Type of machine (CPAP), NPI number and Pressure settings.

Both AirFit™ and AirTouch™ cushions are interchangeable on the F20 mask frame.

Generally, a full face mask, like the Air Touch™ F20, is most comfortable for high-pressure settings. It creates a seal around the nose and mouth, distributing air pressure over a larger area, making it suitable for mouth breathers.

Place the mask against your face, pull the headgear over your head, ensuring the cushion sits comfortably at the top of your nasal bridge. The headgear should settle at the top of your neck and crown. Consult the F20 Sizing Guide for a personalized fit.

It is recommended to replace your CPAP mask every three months. Cushions and filters should be replaced at least once, ideally twice a month. Headgear is suggested for replacement every six months, and tubing connecting your mask to your CPAP machine should be changed every three months.

The Res Med Air Fit™ F30 offers two sizes, requiring more adjustments for a proper fit. The Air Fit™ F10 lacks compatibility with the Res Med Air Mini™ Travel CPAP machine. The F20, with adaptive wings in the Air Touch™/Air Fit™ F20, offers customized comfort for diverse face shapes, connecting seamlessly to the Air Mini™ device with a setup pack.