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Sunset Halo Chin Strap

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Upgrade your sleep experience with the Sunset Halo Chin Strap. This chin strap effectively keeps the mouth closed during nasal CPAP therapy, and be used to stabilize the chin to reduce snoring.

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The Sunset Halo Chin Strap supports your existing sleep and CPAP routines. The chin strap features reinforced stitching, a comfortable fit, and reduced pressure points. An easy addition to any nasal CPAP therapy, the Sunset Halo Chin Strap aids in keeping your mouth shut to maximize the effectiveness of your CPAP therapy.

Increased Comfort

The Sunset Halo Chin Strap shines when compared to similar products. Its superior comfort stems from its soft and breathable material and meticulous construction. The Sunset Halo Chin Strap is designed to spread pressure evenly throughout its length, vastly reducing the irritation that comes from repeated use.

Durable Construction

The Sunset Halo Chin Strap features reinforced stitching in high-wear areas. This increases the product’s lifespan and reduces long-term consumer costs. The chin strap does not include any buckles, reducing the strain placed on the stitching and ensuring product durability.